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It is an infection which affects the outer ear canal. The technical term for swimmers ear is known as otitis externa. It is a very common problem among children. As it mainly affects swimmers it is known as the swimmers ear. But it is not only restricted to swimmers. People having bath or are in shower may also be get affected by this infection.

It is caused when water gets accumulated in the ear canal and leads to an infection. This infection causes swelling, redness, heat and pain. Infection leads to formation of pus which oozes out from the ear. There can be itchiness so any slight movement or touching of the ear can cause lot of pain. The infection is induced due to a germ called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is commonly found in soil and water.

Polluted water is the major cause of this trouble. Swimming in polluted lakes and rivers can be very hazardous. If your children are swimming in an enclosed pool environment you still cannot be sure about the cleanliness of the water. Even when water is chlorinated you may not escape the bacteria.

Bacteria grows when the water get accumulated in the ear canal. It washes away the protective earwax coating leading to an infection. The moistness of the ear may lead to vulnerability of ear and become prone to an infection. Fungal infection and constant diving are some of the causes for this infection.

Remedies For Colic

Once detected you should avoid getting into the water. Allow time to heal your wounds before you jump back in. Wear shower caps when in shower to restrict water from getting into your ears. You can wear ear plugs or cotton balls to prevent water from entering your ears. Avoid fidgeting your ears with cotton swabs or any pointed objects.

Your doctor will treat this problem by prescribing some ear drops. Due to the immense pain he may even prescribe pain killers. These antibiotics drops may help to clear the problem. By taking some precautionary measures you can avoid this problem too. Always keep your ears dry. If any amount of water gets into your ears remove by using an alcohol-based product. Avoid swimming in polluted areas.

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