Cloud Based Cancer Electronic Medical Record

OdysseyEMR™ is an oncology information management system that supports multidisciplinary teams across multiple sites to deliver the best care for your patients. OdysseyEMR™ provides for secure patient and treatment information management in complex environments.

OdysseyEMR currently has over;

  • 26,ooo active patients
  • 680 users
  • 230 Oncologists

To date over 40,000 cycles of chemotherapy treatment have been given through OdysseyEMR.


patient screen

Web based - access patient records anytime from anywhere

OdysseyEMR™ is intuitive and simple to use, it facilitates real time interaction between the multidisciplinary clinical team and reduces administrative duplication, medico-legal risk and improves patient care by providing fast access from, any computer, tablet or smartphone using the latest browsers.

Cost effective models based on your needs

Due to our solution being a web-based SaaS deployment our and your costs are low. We work with you on pricing based on the size of your unit/site and numbers of patients being treated.  We are willing to work with you on a model that suits you, rather than dictating strict pricing that is not negotiable.  Contact us for an estimate for your practice or hospital.

Simple licensing model

ONE license per site irrespective of the site’s size, number of users, patient or treatment volumes. The licence covers all users that are associated with or employees of the site.

Automatic & federated software updates

Every time you log on to OdysseyEMR™ you are using the latest software release. New versions are updated automatically ‘behind the scene’.

No more disruptive upgrades, we provide near-ZERO downtime.

Leveraging latest security best practices

Our products are secured by security best practices and a cloud service provider that leverage multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of data. This way, we ensure your data is stored safely and satisfies stringent Australian privacy standards.

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