Implementation & Configuration

While each of our products are able to be rapidly deployed, we are conscious of the change that introducing a new system represents. Accordingly, Specialist Information Services provides complete end to end management of the implementation, rollout and configuration is any and all of our products are aligned with the desired and optimal clinical workflows, site specific processes and preferences.

For larger and more complex implementations, we provide Project Management services to help corral and manage larger stakeholder groups so as to ensure delivery success and to maximise adoption and take up.


Product enhancements and staffing changes warrant the need for routine training.

To unlock greater value from our Odyssey product suite, training is needed. Furthermore, as part of our Licence Agreements, each licensee is responsible for ensuring the competency of all Users and that training be provided by each licensee. Accordingly, training credits may be redeemed against a range of training offered and designed for novice to expert level Users. We strongly recommend that you regularly review how each of your Users use Odyssey product suite and as applicable select Training Courses based on what training they require to maintain the necessary level of competency.

Integration Services

Specialist Information Services now offers a dedicated consulting arm which can enable OdysseyEMR™ licensees to access expertise regarding the use of Odyssey products to help with expanding the number of integrations with other third party software.

While Odyssey Connect is able to facilitate and streamline the integration process, can also look to other integrations included SOAP, REST APIs etc.

Contact us to talk us through your integration requirements.

Support Service Level Agreement

For over 10 years, users of OdysseyEMR™ have enjoyed the ease-of-use and practicality of our application with little need for support or costly and onerous Service Level Agreements. What support we have provided, has been provided for free. Over the past few years, the usage of our application has dramatically grown and we have been receiving a larger number of support requests prompting us to review and develop suitable support infrastructure to better serve our community of users.

Everyone gets Support
As we have done for over 10 years, Basic Support will continue to be provided to your Site Administrators and delegated Super Users available during business hours

As you scale and grow in your usage of OdysseyEMR™, there will always be a support option for you. Choose the right service level and cost for your organisation so you can make the most out of your implementation

Initial response times
When issues arise, response time matters. Our coverage SLAs provide initial response times, helping you better communicate to your users and resolve issues faster

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